Mein Haus Mein Boot Mein Auto

Mein Haus Mein Boot Mein Auto Release 18.01.2018

1. Fix und Fertig Mein Haus Mein Boot Mein Auto (New Recordings) Pancake Records 00:04:38 2. Fix und Fertig Bad Bad Boy (Minimal Version) Pancake Records 00:03:58 3. Fix und Fertig Every Morning (New Recording) Pancake Records 00:03:49 4. Fix und Fertig Einmal da will ich Koenig sein (New Recording) 5. Fix und Fertig Mein Read More


Elephants never sleep (remastered)

ELEPHANTS NEVER SLEEP – Jungle 7″ Fehlproduktion RP-17556 (C-76.10227-01); 1985. Unique sounding Nürnberg/Berlin-based minimal wavePunk trio (think: raw 3-chord punk ala MITTAGSPAUSE melting up with the postPunkish approach of more experimental UK acts ala EYELESS IN GAZA and THEATRE OF HATE in their early days) consisting of the – then – couple Gabriele ‘Gabi’ Richter Read More