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Cube Carrelage Blanc Fix und Fertig

Really nice minimal weirdness from Deutschland. Both male and female vocals set against droning, pulsing minimal beats and clashing percussion. Plenty to enjoy about this peculiar obscurity. There’s a band by the same name on Discogs, but nothing other than coincidence would lead me to believe they’re related, as the style and sound surely aren’t… … Read moreCube Carrelage Blanc Fix und Fertig

@ the caveclub nov 2017

November 2017 LTj live @ the caveclub 10.11.2017 Lu and the hillbillies live @ the caveclub 11.11.2017 Neue Eiszeit live@ the caveclub 12.11.2017 Narziss and Goldmund live @ the caveclub 13.11.2017 House of Pancakes live@the caveclub 14.11.2017 Kputt live @ the caveclub 15.11.2017 Fix und Fertig live@the caveclub 16.11.2017 Heimdall live @ the caveclub 17.11.2017 … Read more@ the caveclub nov 2017